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· 5 min read

Recently my father-in-law gave my son a Tamiya 1/10 Hornet 2WD RC car. To say my son was excited is an understatement, as my 2yr old felt the car was his new best friend from popa. While I have questions around how much of the gift was a present for my son and how much of it was some entertainment for him during their 6-week trip to Sydney recently, It’s been pretty fun to play with.

Tamiya 1/10 Hornet 2WD RC car

The only challenge is that the 1984 design specifically calls for heavy NI-CAD batteries. It being 2022 with all the fancy Li-ion battery love you can get your hands on means a much smaller, lighter and importantly powerful batteries can be installed into the car for those brave enough to solder some connections and unwilling to pay more for obsolete technology.

My son, who’s now three enjoys driving Zippy (a name had to come at some point) straight into walls at the 20-30Km/h top speed of the car. This becomes expensive fast. While spare components are available for very reasonable prices I’d rather spend my weekends doing something other than fixing Zippy. I had the idea that the servo signal should be easy enough to modify in real time with a microcontroller if the signal was intercepted before it got to the motor ESC (Electronic Speed Control).